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    P2 Workflow in Premiere


      Newbie to Premiere after 12+ years with Final Cut Pro, still trying to figure out the workflow with P2.  Looking for some advise on making this work as we are moving from Final Cut.  Don't get me wrong, I really like what I have been experiencing with Premiere but I am struggling with the P2 workflow.


      I like viewing content with the media browser and being able to edit right away but there seems to be some caveats for doing this.  I really don't like moving the entire content of the P2 card over to my drive after every shoot.  If I am copying all the content from the card anyway why can't I be able to move the content I want for this project?  There are times I have gone out and shot for multiple projects and had to put it all one one card, I want to keep those content folders separate so I can better keep track of where my raw video is.  With Premiere now I am doubling the transfer because I have to move the entire content from the card twice because I need it for two projects.  Absolutely hate importing and having to go and rename after it's been the project, now the original file is still called some random name from the camera.  What if I want to keep a file for archival purposes or to be used in another project or to share with a co-worker?  Looks like I would have to export from premiere and create another file? 

      Really wish I could simply copy what I want to my project with the audio tracks that I need and have the file named what I need it to be named for future projects.  Most times don't need all four tracks, why bring them in if they are not needed?  Just makes a mess when editing with deleting blank tracks.

      This is the way I am reading how to get my P2 content into Premiere, am I missing something here?  Is there a separate program to copy the files I need off the cards then bring it into Premiere?  Either way files have to come off the cards so there is very little time saving by using the media browser.  Sorry if I sound like I am venting but really liked the way FCP did all this and worked extremely well for us.   Any suggestions for making this work more like I want it too?