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    NVIDIA SLI vs. No SLI in Premiere Pro

    johnt53984649 Level 2

      So, at this point, I understand very well that Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 is capable of using more than one GPU for CUDA acceleration.  However, what I'm unsure of is the following:


      Can it actually use NVIDIA SLI to its advantage?


      Let's take the following scenario.  I have two Nvidia GTX 970s.  Would Adobe be able to use their potential to their fullest if they were configured in SLI, or would their full potential be used by Premiere Pro if they weren't configured in SLI?  Or would either method be equal?


      The main reason that I'm asking is because I have several other reasons NOT to configure SLI.  However, it is possible that its potential benefits could easily outweigh these reasons not to use it, but I'm still not sure if SLI really makes any difference while rendering/exporting/playing back media/etc as compared to not using SLI.