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    Adobe Flash 16 Installation Won't Start at All


      I am unable to install Adobe Flash onto a Win 7 computer, 64 bit.  I downloaded install_flashplayer16x32_mssd_aaa_aih.exe and tried to execute it.  It is listed in the Task Manager; but, nothing happens.  It does not even begin to run the installation wizard.  I tried to install it in Safe Mode.  I ran it as administrator.  I ran it without any browsers running.  I got the same result in every case.  It just shows in Task Manager and nothing else happens.


      I installed and ran the latest version of MicrosoftFixit.  I ran it a few times, selecting the option for trouble with installing a program in some cases and uninstalling a program in other cases.  In every case, the list of programs found does not include Adobe Flash, Shockwave Flash, or Flash.


      Between Fixit and Adobe's tool to detect if the program is installed, neither provided evidence that it was already installed; so, it doesn't appear to be an issue with remnants of a previously installed version that didn't get uninstalled correctly.


      The file name suggests this is for a 32 bit version of the program.  Should a 64 bit version of the program have been downloaded?  I didn't have an option to select a 32 vs 64 bit program.  The web site indicated that it knew the computer is running a 64 bit version of Windows 7; but, the install button still downloaded this file.


      Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.

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          Same issue here. Got pop up alert that needed to update Flash which had been fine. Tried both run/automatic install in IE11 and downloaded the same offline file as you. The installer window pops up but nothing ever starts. Was able to install successfully on 4 other computers all running Win7 Ultimate and no difference with this one. Been following other leads and have deleted all old Adobe flash and Macromedia files/folders and pretty much scrubbed all evidence that flash was not on here, Have run Malware, Spyware and AV software so the system is all clean, and this is still all I get.!_Flash-no-dwnld-01.JPG

          Task manager does show it there also, but after it gets to this far, it does not process anymore


          When I get tired of waiting on it, since it won't close by the red "X", I have to end it via Task Manager, and then it takes me to a non-existent web page { http://www.{completionpageurl}.com/?exitcode=-1 }.


          Flash has been working great on this PC a couple years and updated regularly, so have no clue to issue now.



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            Glad to know that I'm not going crazy. I've been having the same problem as Walter. No matter what I've tried it simply will not load beyond the blank window that pops up. Have to shut it down through task manager. Has anyone figured this out yet?

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              WalterVP Level 1

              OK, I found a solution for me and hope it works for you too! All is back to normal now, wife will be happy again! :-)


              Found this page: http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/flash-player-needed-acrobat-reader.html


              Under the second heading Flash Player Installs for end users, #1 - there are links for the Active X and the Plugin versions (and one for Mac).

              I downloaded both of those, installed the Active X version and then the plugin version and all is working here now. I don't know if the order mattered or if you need to do both, but this worked for me (it does say for Windows to download both).


              The Plugin version in just labeled "install_flash_player.exe" and the Active X version "install_flash_player_ax.exe" . And neither one tried to install the Chrome browser or any of that other stuff that loads when you aren't looking. I'm going to keep these two files safe in case this happens again.


              Wish you all good luck!



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                WalterVP Level 1

                see my solution below. Hope it works for you too