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    Flex Builder, debugger and web application: how?

    cosmacol Level 1

      I'm traying to setup a project in eclipse with both a java web application (servlets, jsp) and flex applications as a frontend. So I installed flex builder as a plugin on an eclipse+web standard tools, then created a WST web application project, and used the "Add flex nature.." of the flex plugin. I don't want to use the flex data services.

      Now, in a standard run (I installed a tomcat 5.5 and configured it in eclipse), my mxlm files are being correctly compiled into swf, and they are successfully calling my servlets (which simulates a backend xml-based interface).

      I'm having problems in debug: if I launch the debug profile related to tomcat, the normal version of the sfw will be used (even manually switching to the "-debug" version, it says that a running flex debugger has not be found on localhost). On the other way, if I launch the debug as a "flex application", it seems to work (it stops at breakpoints) but my tomcat is not started at all, the swf is accessed as a local file and all call to my servlet will fail.. so it will stop working almost immediately.

      There is a way to setup eclipse to start standard java debugging with tomcat *and* the flex debugger?