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    Endpaper Design

    S. Gordon

      I'm designing a map that will bleed; the left half will serve as the front endpaper and the right half as the back endpaper. The two halves will overlap by a couple inches between the front and back endpapers.


      Each endpaper crosses the fold or crease where the cover closes. I know the length of a book page BUT doubling their width as a two-page spread may fail to account for the fold or crease down the middle. Is that correct?


      Is adding the width of the fold or crease into the width of the two-page spread something I can determine (is it standard regardless of the thickness of the book)? Or is it only something the printer would know and should tell me?

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          tman69 Level 3

          for sure talk to your printer--as this is an important part of the printing and book binding process--not all printers are equal--some use different proceedures

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            You also need to decide whether you are to have "self ends", where the end-papers are part of the inside section, or "separate ends", where the end-papers are printed separately on different, usually heavier, stock.

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              S. Gordon Level 1

              Thanks for the alert, DerekC1000. They were "separate ends" in the previous edition of the book, printed on heavier stock as you suggested.


              Is there a standard printers' term for the fold or crease in the middle of the endpaper sheet?

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                Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                I've never heard of a separate term for the fold.

                All you need to do is decide whether you want the same or different artwork on the front and back endpapers, and produce flat artwork equivalent to a double page spread of the book's trimmed page size and include trim marks (and colour bars if it's CMYK). And discuss the stock you might choose to print it on with your printer/bookbinder.


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                  S. Gordon Level 1

                  So you're saying the fold-crease does not need to be added to the double-page spread measurements. The reason I'm verifying this--and I'll ask my client to ask the printer--is that the map will have a neatline around it about 1/4" from the edges of the paper I want to be sure it doesn't print off-center on the spread because a fold increased the width of the spread dimensions. Thanks for your input, DerekC1000.

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                    Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                    To be (hopefully!) clear, as an example, if you have a case bound book, wIth a TPS of A5 portrait, you would produce artwork for the end-papers as A4 landscape. Unless I'm misunderstanding something about your design.

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                      S. Gordon Level 1

                      DerekC1000, I believe you are clear. And I think you understand my design. I likely wasn't clear in my question. I had thought that the necessity of the fold in the TPS would require that the TSP be a bit wider. Doesn't look that it needs to be any different than the TPS dimensions. Thanks!