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    Why is "original" Lightroom catalog not shown as up-to-date


      I want to ensure that my original Lightroom catalog is captured by a backup program every time I use it. Yet the original catalog (Windows 7 Explorer:  C:\users\myname\My Pictures\Lightroom\catalog.lrcat ) shows as a month old. So does "Date Modified". I back up the catalog into another, different, location every time I close LR, but this only creates a new entry every time I manually close LR. I'd like the backup program to always have the latest available version of the LR catalog, ie the original rather than the backup. Is the original, shown as out-of-date, actually the most up-to-date? Why does it not show as up-to-date? Thanks!

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Examples of my file dates-


          My current working .LRCAT Catalog:

          File Explorer shows- 16/6/2013

          Right-click and select "Properties" shows-

          Created: 16/6/2013

          Modified: 25/12/2014

          Accessed: 6/4/2014  (curious???? not sure where this date comes from)


          My Backup Catalogs- created by the Backup procedure when exiting Lightroom- show-

          Folder Dates:  The Date of the Backup  (eg. the backup from 25/12/2014)

          The .LRCAT Catalog Dates:

          Created: 25/12/2014

          Modified: 25/12/2014

          Accessed: 25/12/2014


          One problem that some Lightroom users have is this-

          They somehow begin to use one of their Backup catalogs from a backup folder. This then becomes the default catalog that Lightroom uses when it starts.

          In Lightroom, Press CTRL+ALT+,   On the General Tab- click "Show" to get an explorer window showing the catalog that Lightroom is currently using.

          If you find you are using a "Backup" version, you may want to copy it to your default "C:\.....\My Pictures\Lightroom" folder and overwrite the older version. Open this .LRCAT catalog by double-clicking so that Lightroom opens it at this location and it becomes the default master catalog.

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            DerekWRBC Level 1

            Thank you for this info. It has triggered my memory enough to recall what I actually did. I have been recovering from a double disk failure and hence all the messing around with backups. When I got LR5 I created a new location for the catalog on my main drive, and when I restored things, having installed a new SSD drive as my primary, I copied the original to that drive. Despite the fact that it is in a folder clearly marked "LR5-Original Catalogs" I still thought it was only a backup. Thank you again for your response.