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    getURL - javascript - popup window

      > on (release) {
      > getURL("javascript:window.open('ponuda_tjedna.html','Ponuda
      > tjedna','width=350,height=250')");
      > }
      > It works just fine, open a new window etc. but the main window where the
      > button is (where the site is) goes blank, white.. and in the upper lef corner

      > it says: [object Window]. If I click BACK, it restarts the entire site.

      You need void(0) with window.open because it returns stuff and if you don't void
      the request it will do exactly what it does to you. Not the case if you are using
      NewWindow function. Anyway, try this instead:
      getURL("javascript:n_name=window.open('ponuda_tjedna.html','Ponuda_tjedna','width=350,heig ht=250');void(0);");

      But now i want to open an other new popup window from this popup. With this javascript its opened in the same window, but i need a new popup. How to modfy this script to do so?
      Thanks for Help.