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    Combining 60 fps and 24 fps footage in one project


      I've got a unique and confusing problem. I am trying to make a video that has a small amount of 60 fps played back at normal speed, soap opera effect and all, placed inside of a normal 23.976 fps project (full of primarily 23.976 fps footage).


      I can hear you asking "why on Earth would you want to do such a thing?!" The video project is actually designed to be an explanation and demonstration of why and how higher frame rates look the way they do, a sort of explainer on how our eyes and brains process them, etc., so I need a bit of shiny soap opera stuff, just not the whole vid, because yuck. 


      The final destination for this project is YouTube, which now offers 60 fps uploads, so my final export would be at 60fps. If I shoot the rest of my stuff at 23.976, how can I combine the two so the normal stuff looks normal in a 60 fps export, and the 60 fps stiff looks shiny? If I drop 23.976 into a 60 fps project/export, won't it get choppy as hell in the final export?


      I've got access to PP and AE CS6 and/or CC to get the job done.