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    LR5.7.1 no longer sees NEF files?


      Last week,  I upgraded LR to 5.7.1, since then LR will not, I repeat will not import NEF files!  It imported NEF files prior to that upgrade with no problems.  LR says the NEF files are "read only".  Which isn't true because I imported the same NEF files with Aperture onto a (Mac) laptop.  When I saved those NEF files as jpeg using Aperture,  then I was able to import them to LR.  I don't understand why LR is all of a sudden not able to import NEF files.

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          Keith_Reeder Level 4

          "Read only" indicates that you have a write permissions problem with the destination.


          Sort that out (via the operating system, not Lr) and you'll be good.

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            Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Check with cmd-i the permissions of the destination folder for the files that it is set to read + write for you.

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              geo_needs_help Level 1

              thank you, checked on it and it was read+write.

              i think the problem is that my external drive for photo storage was almost full, have purchased a larger drive (3T) and installing it now. 


              i had to completely uninstall LR5.7.1 and re-install after setting up the new external drive.  (LR kept referring back to the old drive and would not recognize the new drive while both were connected, so it was duplicating every single photo while importing)

              LR also kept freezing up, so frustrated with it...decided to fully delete LR5.7.1 and figured it was best to start anew. (I saved the photos prior to doing so)

              hoping this works out!

              i have worked with LR for 3 years and love the program, so this glitch threw me off.  its likely due to the external photo storage being full.  I mostly work with NEF files and they are large!


              thanks for your input! 

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                geo_needs_help Level 1

                update  on the above,

                after installing the new 3Tdrive, still had a problem with 'read only'  checked the read write permissions and changed them on the 3T.  Now everything is working AOK, Thank you so much... Geoff and Keith...you saved my day! 

                (i did need the new drive, LR file processing works much faster now)

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                  Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Pleased you got sorted and reported back... Happy New Year!!

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                    I'm having the same issue. I am using a Mac with no external hard drive, but I'm not quite savvy enough to figure out how to "check the read write permissions". But I was working on a photoshoot previously in LR 5, and it updated and suddenly I can't open any of the images, nor can I re-import them as they are all greyed out and cannot be selected.

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      You can’t reimport them because they have already been imported into LR, once.


                      What does “I can’t open any of my images” mean, exactly?   Can you provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

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                        geo_needs_help Level 1

                        On your greyed out photos, is there a ! or ? on the top right of any photo?  If so, right click on it and LR will ask if you want to find the missing photo, say yes and it will point to the folder that photo is in.  It wll also bring in other photos close by.


                        Your Mac may be full, and it doesnt have room to 'work' so you can see the greyed photos in LR but not use them.  It happenned to me a couple years ago so I stored photos onto an external drive, which filled up and I recently had to get a larger one.  My recent issue arose when I upgraded to Yosemite and then LR 5.7.1.  The file sharing permissions were changed in the upgrade.


                        To set permissions On your Mac, go to finder > file> get info.  The info window comes up and at the bottom is where you will find sharing/permissions. 

                        Unlock the lock,  make changes, there is also a little wheel at the bottom left of the window underneath permissions, apply changes >lock the lock and close the window.


                        When you get an external storage drive, do the same as aformentioned right after you install it.

                        Then, On your Mac, Move your LR5 catalog to the new storage.

                        Then open up LR and point LR to the storage location.  (The new storage device will show up on the left side of the LR window.)

                        (Scott Kelby wrote in his LR3 manual that if you are taking pictures and storing them on your Mac, you will eventually need to move them to an external storage device especially if you take a lot of photos)