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    Why doesn't Adobe Draw support Jot Touch with Pixelpoint, yet the FAQ indicates it does?


      Bought an iPad Air 2 & the Jot Touch with Pixel Point a week ago so I could use the mobile apps.  So far I love what I can draw with my finger, but I need the pressure sensitivity and precision of a stylus.


      After troubleshooting for a week with Adonit customer service, I got this response:


      Hello! Thanks for your response. We've actually have seen issues with the new screen bonding on the iPad Air 2s. This seems to have affected almost all styluses and even some apps that don't require a stylus. It has to do with the way the screen bonding interferes with the detection of contact points on the screen. Please refer to our blog post on this issue here:

      Our development team has been hard at work though on a software fix to help provide some corrections for that issue, and this has been used by a number of app developers already; GoodNotes 4, ZoomNotes, Sketch Club, Penultimate, Procreate, and (Autodesk) SketchBook, so you can try one of those Apps. This does provide a better experience, though some problems may still remain.

      I hope this information helps!


      Adonit Support


      So Adonit is recommending I don't use the Adobe mobile apps?

      The post Debbie refers to is from Nov 19, 2014.  Will Adobe update the mobile apps to address these connectivity issues?

      Since Adonit manufactures the Adobe Ink & Slide, I assume it will have the same issues?