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    Problems with CS5 and Raw Files

    Problems With CS5

      After reinstalling CS5 from a previously purchased CD and copying RAW files that had been backed up onto an external hard drive, I can now no longer open these Raw Files in Camera Raw nor Photoshop. I get an error message in Bridge when trying to open them in Camera Raw that says, "The Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in did not recognize the format of one or more files. If these files are from a camera, you may need to update your version of the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in." After trying to install updates from Adobe, I got another error message that the updates could not be installed properly. These updates are: Adobe Bridge CS5 4.0.5, Adobe Extension Manager CS5 5.0 Update, Photoshop 12.0.4 update for Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop Camera Raw 6.7 update. Please help because before I had to get my hard drive replaced everything worked fine.

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          The problem is that all Adobe installers install the original release version.  So, when you re-installed CS5, you went back to Photoshop 12.0 and ACR 6.0, which do not support your raw files from whatever camera make and model.


          The inability to update through the Adobe auto updater is not your fault at all, and it has nothing to do with your machine, your OS or your Photoshop install.


          This one is very easy to explain—and solve.


          The Adobe updater in CS5 and earlier versions of Photoshop was and remains a totally useless, unreliable piece of cr@p.  The hapless Adobe installer and updater team in India did not get their act together until version CS6, then went back to their usual incompetence with Photoshop CC and CC2014.


          There's absolutely nothing wrong with your Photoshop installation and you are doing nothing wrong yourself.


          What you're going to have to do, is locate, download and install the update you need yourself, following the instructions on the download page to the letter.

          Here's the Windows version of the update:


          Adobe - Photoshop : For Windows : Adobe Photoshop 12.0.4 update for Adobe Photoshop CS5


          and for Mac:


          Adobe - Photoshop : For Macintosh : Adobe Photoshop 12.0.4 update for Adobe Photoshop CS5



          After that locate download and install the ACR 8.7.plug-in.  I'd look for the link for you if you had specified your platform, Mac or Win.  As it is, I already did too much of your legwork for you with the two links I cited above.

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            Thank you so much. I probably went through this about three years ago when I bought the software and I just don't remember. You know, you spend hundreds of dollars on software and you expect it to work correctly!