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    5.1 mix broken in CC 2014.2 (V8.1)?

    berndporr Level 1


      Has anybody experienced the same with the most recent version of Premiere (V8.1)?

      The audio hardware only shows L/R but I certainly can send something out to front L/R and center. The same applies for Windows WDM setup. Only two channels show up but it can play something via 5.1.

      However, every 5.1 mix sends everything just to the center now (doesn't matter if played from the master or the sequence itself). The waveforms in my master track (containing 5.1 sequences) just are flat lines (while the output comes out of the center).

      The stereo sequence on the right hand side plays just fine (both in the master and as a sequence itself). It seems to be just an issue with the 5.1 sequence.

      The mixer of the master track is as in the previous version of Premiere just a mess (I got used to it) but now I cannot even hear the 5.1 mix any longer. Still the center shows up in the left cannel meter.

      I *could* be also my soundblaster Z but I've now spent half a day installing / deinstalling drivers and it hasn't changed anything.

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          dummergold Level 4

          I use Premiere Pro WDM Sound and shows my stereo speaker output


          When I choose my soundcard Xonar DSX ASIO (64) it shows my 7.1 speaker output


          Maybe as you say - should your soundblaster show 5.1 output?


          Weird for me to see you have a stereo track on A1 and a 5.1 sound on A2

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            berndporr Level 1

            Indeed. My Soundblaster Z ASIO showed 5.1 output till recently and it actually is still a 5.1 because I can still play to the center speaker. It just won't show up any longer. The WDM sound is as you say just stereo.


            That I have a stereo sequence on the 5.1 is just because the editor who did the rough edits on location did it as a stereo edit. I'm slowly replacing his edits with the 5.1 edits. Ironically these stereo edits just work fine. I tested if stereo track on the 5.1 master screws things up and created a pure 5.1 Master just with the proper 5.1 edits on it but here's still the same problem.

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              berndporr Level 1

              I've just bought the ASUS xonar D2G and indeed with that card I get 7.1 with the ASIO driver. However now I get loads of audio dropouts... I guess I can choose now between pest or cholera...

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                berndporr Level 1

                The ASUS D2G is out again because it won't run reliably (loads of audio dropouts and sometimes complete freeze of the timeline). The Soundblaster Z is back in again. After experimenting a while there seems to be these bugs:

                - not all channles are listed in "Audio hardware" but it's still 5.1 when using the ASIO driver (bug somehwere probably in Premiere but might be Soundblaster's problem)

                - there is def a bug in Premiere: with the sound "puck" at center it doesn't matter if the "center %"-knob is at 0% or 100% to center. It's always sent to the center speaker. Workaround: duplicate the track and send send one to the left ch and one to the right ch.

                - A 5.1 master (see screenshot) containing 5.1 sequences might have a broken track mixer. Fix: create a new 5.1 master sequence and copy/paste the sequences into the new one. That fixes missing sliders / NAN at levels.

                - The 5.1 master has just flat lines as waveforms on the timeline but the sound output is fine.

                - The level meter shows a signal on the left channel when sending a signal to the center (center knob at 100%). However the output is correct.


                Hope that helps other fellow 5.1 editors!

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                  dummergold Level 4

                  Another tool I found useful with studying the Premiere Pro audio was sending the sequence to Audition. Audition will open the audio in a slightly different view and give you a good indication of possible discrepancies.


                  My curiosity with your 5.1 sequence would be to send it to Audition and see how it is displayed. I have noticed that some 'flat line' Premiere audio will display its waveform in Audition, depending if it isn't nested beyond a couple sequences.

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                    berndporr Level 1

                    ...while I'm writing this here the info box "Preparing Sequence Data" for Audition has been sitting there for about 10mins without any progress. CPU load is at 0% so I guess nothing will happen in the next forseeable future. Time to press "cancel" (which has no effect whatsoever). Time to press ctrl-alt-delete.


                    BTW: I've had some success with the broken track mixer by creating a new 5.1 master and then copy/pasting the whole film over. Since then I've only seen NAN as a level while loading the project. So perhaps best to leave Premiere alone till all clips have been loaded.


                    The ASIO problem is certainly a Soundblaster problem. I've checked with Sony Vegas and ASIO4ALL and both applications just report L/R when selecting ASIO. I've reported that to Creative. There was a driver update earlier in dec and I might have not noticed it straight away.

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                      berndporr Level 1

                      Just a follow up regarding the soundblaster problem: I've fed back the into to Creative and they sent me an older driver to test. Indeed, the latest version of the soundblaster z driver via windows update is indeed buggy.


                      Use SBZ_CD_L13_1_00_24.exe instead and 5.1 playback is 100% reliable and I haven't experienced any audio dropouts since. 5.1 editing is a joy now.