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    Dynamic Fontsize to fit within Box?




      I hope someone is reading this and has an answer to my problem.


      What i want to do:

      I have over 300 names (with surnames) listed as a textfile. And i have one image. What i want to do is pasting the text (e.g. name1surname1) on a specific area (which does not change) of the image, and saving the image as jpeg (filename = name1surname1.jpg). Then name2surname2 > saving as name2surname2.jpg, ....

      The image is always the same, but the text i have to change (and save-as-jpeg) over 300 times.


      As an example:



      What my problem is:

      I don't have the time to change all 300 names one by one and saving them one by one.

      > Using Actions does not solve my problem ofcourse because it is different everytime

      > Using Variables (set to the textlayer) and importing datasets COULD solve my problem but:

      >> Sometimes one 'name' is longer than the previous one, so it does not fit inside the box:



      so i have to change the font size to make it fit again)



      What could solve my problem:

      A way, which automates all the replacing of the textlayer with the names AND (probably more important) automatically changing the fontsize in case it is too big to fit within the textbox.


      I hope there is a way to this. Waiting hopefully for answers thanks in advance!