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    Lightroom 5.7 Reports that catalog running out of space. Drive has 185GB free.

    LitewriterRS Level 1

      I tend to leave Lightroom running in the background for days sometimes, allowing my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit system to sleep. The program is installed on a 240 GB SSD with 139GB free.  The catalog is kept on a HDD partition of 230GB, that also contains a recent backup of several photo files, but with 185GB free.  Looking through the discussions, I saw a comment that using CrashPlan in auto mode can cause this error message to come up, and I do run it that way. I know there's a problem in Windows with CrashPlan requesting VolumeShadowServices, but the backups are still being made and are accurate, so I haven't spent much time trying to resolve this.


      When the catalog message shows up, it goes away and I can continue working. However, I usually stop and restart Lightroom.  No change is seen in the space allocation on the hard drives. Is this a bug with Lightroom?