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    Outlook pops out on form submit

    Miguel Santana

      I am making a form on Dreamweaver CC and I want to integrate that form in a Muse website and when I click submit, a window from Outlook pops out to send an e-mail to the recieptient e-mail.

      I already read here but I don't know if I can integrate a PHP script with Adobe Muse files on my server. Would they enter in conflict or that's fine?


      This is the code of the form:

      <form action="mailto:miguelsantana@mtsstudios.com.pt" method="get" enctype="text/plain" name="form1">


        <label for="textfield"><strong>Name:</strong></label>

        <input type="text" name="textfield" id="textfield">

        <label for="email"><strong>Email:</strong></label>

      <input type="email" name="email" id="email">



        <label for="textfield2"><strong><br>




        <input type="text" name="textfield2" id="textfield2">


        <label for="date"><strong>Date:</strong></label>

        <input type="date" name="date" id="date">

        <label for="time"><strong>Time:</strong></label>

        <input type="time" name="time" id="time">




        <label for="textfield3"><strong><br>




        <input type="text" name="textfield3" id="textfield3">

        <label for="date2"><strong>Date:</strong></label>

        <input type="date" name="date2" id="date2">

        <label for="time2"><strong>Time:</strong></label>

        <input type="time" name="time2" id="time2">



        <label for="textfield4"><strong><br>

          Type of Car:</strong></label>

        <input type="text" name="textfield4" id="textfield4">



        <label for="textarea"><strong><br>

          Notes/Extras:</strong> <em>(i.e.: GPS, Baby Seat, etc...)</em><br>


        <textarea name="textarea" id="textarea" cols="45" rows="5"></textarea>


      <p> </p>


        <input name="submit" type="submit" id="submit" formaction="Submit Form" formmethod="GET" value="Send">







      Waiting an answer.


      Best wishes,


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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Mailto: links on form submit are not reliable for several reasons.

          1. Most web mail users do not have Outlook or similar e-mail clients installed on their system. When they click your submit button, nothing will happen.
          2. Mailto: links do not hide your e-mail address from harvesters and spam bots. 
          3. Your form is not secure from spam bots and hackers.


          AFAIK, Muse does not support server-side scripting.  But that shouldn't preclude you from using a contact form with a separate form-to-email processing script.  You point your HTML form to the script using the action attribute.


          <form action="your_script.php"


          Which script depends on your server.  Ask your hosting provider if they have scripts you can use.  If they don't, find out which server-side languages your hosting plan supports -- php, asp.net, coldfusion, perl, etc...

          This will narrow your search form appropriate scripts you can use.



          Nancy O.

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            Miguel Santana Level 1

            Hi Nancy,


            Thanks for your answer! I am going to use PHPMailer, is that fine?


            Miguel S.

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If your server supports PHP scripts, it should be OK to use that one.



              Nancy O.