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    Which Program For this Project?


      I have an animation of a product that rotates, then some parts fade to show internal gears turning, then the whole thing rotates back to the starting position. I have that animation as individual frames, and .mp4 (and .avi). I need to add call-outs that appear at certain parts of the animation to explain what is happening with the product, and also to have the animation pause at those parts, while my client explains certain things. He then needs to be able to press a play button to start the animation again. This needs to happen several times during the presentation.

      He will be presenting using a Macbook Air, and will not be leaving the presentation behind.


      What Adobe product is the correct one to use? I was originally planning on adding the call-outs in AE, but when he asked to add the pauses, and "Play" button I wasn't sure what was best anymore. The animation is rendered in HD, and the final output needs to be HD as well.