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    Exporting photos with adjustments


      I've recently been sorting through pictures from various events, and I've made some adjustments to them in lightroom - cropping, tone etc. However, when I export the images, the adjustments aren't applied and the images are just as they were input. How would I keep the adjustments?

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          Keith_Reeder Level 4

          In the Export dialog, do you have "Original" selected as the "File Settings" Image Format?

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            robgendreau Level 3

            LR is non-destructive by default; in other words, the adjustments you make are stored in LR as a set of processing instructions, so to speak. Sort of like storing negative film with instructions like "dodge left corner," "push process," "crop to 8x10," etc. None really get applied until you export, sort of like "printing" to a digital file. And when you do that, you have additional choices for applying other changes, from export file type to size, etc. If you're using RAW, you can't really export a RAW with LR adjustments because then it isn't a RAW any more.