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    Lightroom Latest & OS X Yosemite = 100% Non Performance !

    AtonMusic Level 2

      Hi -


      Does anyone know whether adobe are going to fix the total non-performance issues in Lightroom an OS X 10.10.


      I have been using LR since its conception and NEVER seen it perform slower - as a matter of fact it has become 100% unusable for me.

      The app is 'OK' when just browsing photos but as soon as one begins developing those with brushes, gradients etc... The app is so slow and simply cannot perform.


      I keep a separate library with each project (I develop professionally about 1000 images per month). Never had issues before Mavericks (not as grand as 10.10) and with 10.10 the app is useless.


      This happens on the fastest rMBP and MacPro money can buy so I doubt that it is a CPU thing but rather a very old way of coding GPUS.....



      Thanks for input