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    Installing Flash Player on a Mac OS X Yosemite (Version 10.10.1)

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      I am relatively computer illiterate. I mean I don't even know what a "Community" is so I've chosen this one ... I have no idea if it is the correct one, but there was no "Flash" community to choose from. If it's wrong please let me know! Seems a pretty hard way to get help if you ask me; there must be others as illiterate as myself ...

      Anyway, having received an "update now" message from Adobe regarding Flash I followed instructions but the update wouldn't install.

      I tried various times but it simply froze up at between 25% and 45% of the installation. It downloaded a file, "http://aihdownload.adobe.com/bin/live/AdobeFlashPlayerInstaller_16_ltrosxd_aaa_aih.dmg" of 1.1 Mb. This seems far too small but after at least ten attempts it never downloads anything bigger.

      Anyway, I followed the instructions in the "Help" section which eventually led me to uninstalling with a view to installing a completely new package.

      However, now I've uninstalled it still wont install so I'm worse off than ever.

      I attach a screenshot of flash player files now on my computer.

      Can anyone help?

      Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 20.24.22.png