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    L/R 4.4.1 Photos on (now broken) External HD


      I'm using L/R 4.4.1 on an ancient Mac Air (hence the older version) - on this version I can't edit my photos or see the edit history if the original files are on an external drive (that isn't currently connected).  Currently a large portion of my library is on an external HD that has a broken USB3 micro port, so I can no longer connect it to this laptop.  I've backed up all the files onto another HD, but I'm not sure how to move the directory (or get L/R to recognize that these photos and all their edits) have moved without having the device plugged in and physically moving it through the software.  Is there a way to get L/R to recognize that the photos (with all the existing data, edits, etc - I don't want to import as new, unedited files) are on the new HD?