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    Bug/scaling issue with Adobe CC etc on 4K displays


      screenshot 1.jpg

      Hi, I'm an issue with Photoshop in particular, but it also happens with some other programs.


      My screen is 4K Ultra HD and because of this the menus etc. appear incredibly small at the side of the screen (see photo). This is the case with some other programs as well (but not the very recent ones such as Microsoft Office 2013).


      This is the latest trial version of Photoshop CC, but also happens with my previous CS3 versions which I installed and my Sony Vegas software too.


      I've tried lowering the resolution on the computer to 1920x1080 instead of the default Ultra HD (3840x2160) but when I do that the entire desktop becomes large and pixelated, but the problem in the Photoshop programs remain.


      Any help would be really appreciated. I bought this laptop specifically for graphic design and illustration but this issue makes that impossible. Thank you.