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    Hi, I just had a chat with rep "Satwinder" that just ended that chat before my issue was resolved. My case


      I just need to pay my account TODAY so that it does not expire. And I just need my payment to go through TODAY. The rep that I spoke to said that he would give me my payment confirmation and never did then just ended the chat.  Here is how it ended...

      delisha easley: Ok one moment please as I do this, I want to make sure that my payment goes through before I get off of this chat

      Satwinder: Ok

      delisha easley: It's saying I have to update my desktop app and that is going to take a while, can you please just send me the confirmation of the payment

      Satwinder: Yes Surely

      Satwinder: Thank you for contacting Adobe. Good Bye.



      He never sent any confirmation and I need to know that he took my payment?????