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    vspider issue  while web crawling..

      here is my command file while trying to create a new collection thru vspider on my cf7.01 enterprise server. There are other sites on this server, but I am interested in indexing the www.xxxxx.com on this server. so I give a cmdfile as

      -collection D:\webs\xxxxx\VerityCollections\xxxxx.coll
      -start http://www.xxxxx.com
      -style C:\CFusionMX7\verity\Data\stylesets\ColdFusionVspider
      -exclude */hotspot/*
      -exclude *.css
      -exclude *.js
      -loglevel trace

      In the debug I see teh msg :

      <time stamp> skip: [vspider] (ind010004) Skipping Key [ http://www.xxxxx.com because of host.

      Can I take it that it is not recognizing that this site is actually on the same machine? How do I mention it to that? what extra stuff do I need to do?
      It does create a collection folder but 0 documents are indexed it says. I am trying to create a collection over a coldfusion site (dynamic content, db driven). Please help.. What am I missing?