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    Banner Ad Management System

      Can someone describe how a banner ad management system would work? Say I want to display four banner ads on a page. Within the admin section of the web app I want to be able to insert, modify, and delete each banner ad by its position. How would this work?

      How would the database be setup?
      How would the form be setup to insert the appropriate banner ad to the appropriate position on the page?
      How the would the positions on the page be identified? Within their own tables?


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          i asume you have ever worked with database and dynamic pagecontent, if you did then just be creative, if you never worked with that kind of technics then this should need an answer that is very long, this is really something you should be creative with, it's the sae pinciple as an newsartice system, and with asigning id's to banners you can track where te are and wich one and where to update or delete
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            jdeline Level 1
            You might consider getting a banner ad system. There are a number of them available that are written in ColdFusion. Google "banner ad" coldfusion