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    using ExternalInterface from comboBox causes flash content to break

      I have a comboBox that calls a js function that spawns a new window.
      The issue, is that after the user has clicked the item in the comboBox, and the new windows appears, the content, specificly the comboBox, breaks. At this point, close or ignore the spawned window. Try clicking the combobox again, the list box does not tween smoothly, if at all, in some cases the listbox only drops a little before stoping. This is an issue specific to flash player 9 on windows xp pro, using firefox. it works as expected with flash player 8 on mac and windows, also using the firefox browser. This does not appear to be an issue with mac osx 10.3.9.

      i have souce files ziped here:
      and i have a live version here that you can just test with:

      here is example code i have on the first frame of the fla, with a combobox in the library: