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    community  vs. programs


      Is the community in your own view point very supportive. Have you been able to collaborate  with others via the cloud. if so how hard is it to find those to work with? Now community wise how is it for input critique  and others viewing your work? lets say like devaint art. Or is  the clould more just for people you already know or work with. I you are an artist on low income without a MAC is it worth having the cloud when you dont need those exact programs and you have no one to share your work with?(that question is for none MAC users) Or if you are using this community is it for the programs that you are offered and a clould space to hold your work and just share for school and work?  I know that i would have the cloud if i was still doing graphic design. And if I was a well known published photograpgher i would have real use for me. But in life there are changes that make you choose of career  not the one you study for and now realize its now just a hobby. Making about 1000 a month do you think it is of any use to spend so much a month. yes the programs but i can work by real pen and ink or a mix of free editors? If there was a strong community like a family of artist i would feel more willing to pay due to not much of any social contact in new residents work at home and no transportation. Disabled. Also what will i lose if i were just to use this with photograpy programs. I went to school for graphic design fine arts. Additionally in the past had done jobs where i was hire for doing photography for others classic digital and some digitally altered, designing websites and creating there graphics During 90s and early 2000 so very simple web graphics and design.  The other area I have been known by others is my creative writing which I have been loyally producing over half my life. I am currently creating digital midi based programs. For a large multi media project and soon want to put a new focus on silent short films for the finally technique to learn not master the music i create may be used in those short films.  okay i can not see what i am typing and know i do not make much sense on here. sorry i am under going some extreme medical changes that have impaired some of my abilities.   soo 1. good community vs good programs. 2 community = fellow artist family vs. work and school based community. 3  Non MAC users is it worth joining if you already have the ability to create what you would like without having to own the programs.4 is the community worth the money for a non profit low income member. 5 What all does the photography pack allow you to get by with. Thinking as pushing the boundaries off the program and use it non traditionally so it was maybe possible to use in other art forms than intended but still could use. not professional just as a rough "sketch".  okay maybe the list is more coherent if not my apologies. #? Collaboration with other members does it happen how often can you fine people willing to. #?? lasts how do you see the communitys help with critiquing. true critiques not the i really like this one.  sorry for my random mess of letters meant to be words in to sentences that arent made trying to stay some questions that are hopefully coherent. thanks for you time if you read this.