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    OS X Flash Installer GUI is empty


      I'm trying to update Flash Player on OS X 10.10.1 to, so I downloaded the Install Adobe Flash Player application (version

      The installation failed.


      I then used the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller to uninstall Flash.

      When I now retry the installation, the GUI of the Install Adobe Flash Player application is empty.

      The exact sequence is like this:

      - I start the Install Adobe Flash Player application

      - I am asked for the administrator password

      - A window with a black background appears.

      - A scroll bar at the top states "Installation wird abgerufen" which is german language for something like "installation is downloaded".

      - after a couple of seconds the scroll bar disappears and the window GUI remains empty

      - this does not seem to change any more (I've waited for hours to see if something would happen).


      I've tried several times, even after having rebooted the computer, but I always get the empty GUI.


      I am not sure how to recover from this or how to install Flash at all, now that I've removed the previous version.