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    Dreamweaver and Database Integration -  XML. Windows 7




      Looking to see where the bounds of where Dreamweaver can assist me.


      I am looking to use Dreamweaver to develop a site that will need to manage the import of an xml feed from an external site to a database and then split some of the data to xslt for display and some of the other to R studio to calculate and create statistical analysis to be brought back to the website for display as calculate and graphical.


      Can Dreamweaver help much with handling data and queries or is there another adobe program that will assist with that as well?


      Most of the sites I create will be data intensive and while I can code websites I was looking to speed that section up to allow more time for data analysis.



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          Rob Hecker2 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you say Windows 7, do you mean Windows Server 2008 R2? Or are you talking about your development computer OS?


          Dreamweaver is essentially an HTML editor that has website management features. The project you describe requires back-end programming with a language like PHP, RUBY or ASP.NET.


          You don't mention which kind of server you are working with (Microsoft or LINUX) or what programming language you intend to work with.


          You can write PHP, javascript and ASP code in the Dreamweaver code editor, and DW will do some pretty good syntax checking, but DW is not a real IDE (integrated development environment) for any language except HTML. Also, although you can edit XML in Dreamweaver, there are other environments that work with XML better.


          So the short answer to your question is: yes, Dreamweaver could probably be used as your only (or primary) environment for building such a website, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best choice. But since you have not given us info about your server environment and programming language of choice, this is about all we can say.

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            sayth Level 1

            The server option is open at the moment. Well my preferred language is python, but you don't always get your preferred option in things. I have picked up php as I needed to. Don't like it in the least but. .. When you first learn python that's probably expected.


            I am OK at javascript but can't wait for es6 to become the defacto so nice,  like c# done in scripting very nice.