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    Not able to go into Premiere Elements Editor

    jasperthesiamese Level 1

      I have installed my new Premiere Elements now 3 times and am getting the same problem. I can import my photos and videos and use the organizer perfectly however when it comes to clicking Editor and choosing edit video I get a a message which said "Files sent to Premiere Elements Editor will be inserted at the end of the timeline.Premiere elements default durations for still image and video transition will be used "


      There is a tick box which says to tick if you dont want this to be shown again. I tick it or untick it, it does the same. I then get the sign in box in order to activate the software. I enter password to register and thats it. Nothing. I am unable to go no further.


      Can anyone help me with this please? Is it something I am doing wrong? I have folled the tutorial on getting started and as far as I can see I have done what it says