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    I have a problem editing in LR and moving to Photoshop and back.


      I need help.  I have LR 5.7 and Photoshop CC.  I do my basic editing in LR and then when I need to, I  go to "Edit In" and continue in Photoshop, while using the button to keep the LR edits before it uploads. Right now all I am doing is using Photoshop to digitally sign my photo.

      I do this in Photoshop, hit save...do all the things I'm supposed to and then go back to LR.  The image is there in the catalog, but it is no longer the same in color rendition or other changes!  It appears to lose some (but not apparently all) of the editss that I first made in LR.  I've tried everything.  I can still see the original in LR (with the edits) but the copy edited in Photoshop where the only thing I added  looks really different ...but the signature is there. 

      Is there anyone who knows what's going on here?  I would much appreciate how to fix this...or at least learn whether its a flaw in the program.