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    Conditional builds and map IDs

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      I'm composing an online help file and I'm incorporating context sensitive help. There's a need to have different conditional builds and thus have different map IDs for each "introduction". Is there a way to map the introductions so that they have the same ID, or what is the best practice here?
      I'm not exactly sure of the programming side of things... would assigning each "introduction" to a different map ID have any effect on the product when it's built?
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          Have you considered another approach? For example, you could create a single "Introduction" topic for Module A and apply the conditional build tags at the text level rather than the topic level. The end result is one topic with one map ID that displays multiple ways depending on your conditional build expressions.
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            kmitts Level 1
            I have considered that, and I use conditional text within other topics, I just thought there may be a more efficient solution.
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              Map IDs are unique; you can't assign the same number to multiple topics. The programming application used at my company allows only a single map ID call for each control in the software, so I generally apply the tags at the text level.

              Your programmers are likely using the same controls for each version of your company's product. In this sense, they're like you--they tag pieces of their work and produce different outputs. So they probably can't use different map IDs. because they always call the context-sensitive help from the same control, even if it looks different from one version to another.

              For example, suppose that your programmers code a module that is available to some users but not others; furthermore, suppose that the module differs slightly from one version of the product to the next. At its core, however, it's the same module, so it will be allowed to call a single map ID. This is analogous to your Help approach: you use conditional tags to produce multiple versions of the same topic. So it's hard to imagine that the programmers can find much use for multiple calls to the same topic. Instead, the more efficient approach is probably to work with text-level tags on your end. (I understand that this might not be more efficient for you if the information in the topic changes drastically based on the version, but I don't think it will work otherwise. Perhaps someone else with more experience in this area can chime in.)