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    Can Premiere read audio track name metadata labeled on set?

    Audio Track Metadata Level 1

      I've been trying to find an answer to this question everywhere.  I recently shot a feature and the sound mixer labeled every track name on set. TK 1 = Jim, TK 2 = Jane, etc.  Opening the files in SD Wave Agent lists everything as it was recorded including the name of each lav'd character on their corresponding track.  However when brought into Premiere, that information is nowhere to be seen in the metadata tab.  I know the information is there but I don't understand why I can't see it when I place the audio files on the timeline.  I really want to edit this film in Premiere but if the consensus is I have to do this manually then that is a huge oversight.  Any help / information would be amazing.  I'm looking for any kind of work around here to save me the time I know it will take to do this manually.  Thanks in advance.