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    Adobe Premiere Pro System Requirements

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      Good morning,


      For the online Adobe Premiere Pro System Requirements:

      The Windows "Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014) system requirements" are listed as "Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (64 bit) or Windows 8 (64 bit)" and the Windows "Adobe Premiere Pro CC system requirements" are listed as "Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1". (Bolded emphasis added.) (Reviewed at System requirements | Adobe Premiere Pro on 12/28/2014.)


      Assuming that all Windows requirements are to be "(64 bit)" for both Adobe Premiere Pro CC and CC (2014), then why is "Windows 8.1", that is a requirement for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, excluded from the requirements for Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014), which is the latest version of Premiere Pro?


      My point is:  in a RAID'ed solid-state disk (SSD) structure, some of the workflow for maintaining a work station is different between Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Unless this omission is an editorial inconsistency, not having Windows 8.1 as a system requirement for Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014) implies that Windows 7 is the better option for supporting Adobe Premiere Pro and for helping to maintain the hardware implementing it.


      For the supporting the best SSD RAID workflow for Adobe Premiere Pro, please let me know if, indeed, that not including Windows 8.1 in the system requirements for Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014) is an oversight.


      Thank you.

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          An oversight? Yes probably.


          Adobe's "System Requirements" page for Adobe Premiere Pro has been a joke for a long time so far as helping the user is concerned. Check out www.ppbm7.com if you really want to learn the true system requirements to use Adobe's software.


          The current Premiere Pro CC (2014) system requirements list includes:

          - Intel Core2 Duo... - wow, really, this is the requirement for 2014! Seems to me this would not support present day media and workflows very well at all.

          - "... or faster hard drive" (no mention whatsoever about SSDs). I have a system with SSDs (no hard drives) and it runs Premiere Pro just fine with no hard drives at all.

          - Internet connection and registration... Yes, it does seem that Adobe keeps the legal and other "fine print" portions of the system requirements page up to date.


          Regarding Win 8.1, I've had some issues with installing some legacy software that I've used for years (and which run using Win 7 64-bit), however all the Adobe CC (2014) applications that I've tried seem to work just fine on my system (with Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit).





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            Good morning, again, now in 2015,


            My original observation and subsequent posting were conducted last month in December 2014. This morning in January 2015, I went back, as an average consumer, to see what the minimum specifications were for using Adobe Premiere Pro on Adobe.com at:  Video editing software | Download free Adobe Premiere Pro CC trial. And, I could not locate any. Where have the Adobe Premiere Pro specifications been moved to? I do appreciate (which also includes the justification for the expenditures necessitating) Adobe's guidance for designing and maintaining editing systems.


            Thank you.

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              What a joke Adobe makes of it.




              With those minimum specs, you would end up with PPBM benchmark results in excess of 6,000 seconds on a very well tuned system, but effectively most would end up in the region of 10,000+ seconds, if the test can be finished at all. Around 100 times or more slower than a decent system. You would have about 97% of the timeline drop frames consistently on a somewhat demanding timeline. Only 3% of the frames would be visible. With 4K+ material it would be even worse.


              How can Adobe publish that garbage ??? Shame on you Adobe.


              BTW.  All versions of CC and CS5+ work great with Windows 8.1. Further shame on Adobe.

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                It appears that it was my fault. I did not realize that Adobe had changed their landing page for Premiere Pro and that they no longer included the minimum system requirements there on that page. It appears that to now access the minimum requirements the path to follow is:

                • Adobe Premiere Pro CC landing page
                • Learn & Support
                • Premiere Pro Help:  Check out the online user manual for your product
                • Adobe Premiere Pro Help
                • System Requirements


                I remember the Adobe Premiere Pro Help web page (fourth bulleted topic). And, I assumed that the "online user manual" was the downloadable Help PDF (http://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/premiere_pro_reference.pdf). But, the "online user manual" is the Adobe Premiere Pro Help web page that includes the downloadable Help PDF, the minimum system requirements for using Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.

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                  Hi,I am not sure the exact system requirements for Premiere Pro CC But I have ran it one multiple computer and noticed a huge in the Running of the Program.

                  My Computer Specs:

                  4.2 8-Core Processor

                  16GB of Ram


                  Runs fine no problems what so ever, But then I started to run it on my laptop

                  laptop Specs:

                  2.4 2-core Processor

                  4GB of Ram

                  The program runs fine but as sone as you start to play the video it starts to lag and get very choppy. So that is my experience with system Requirement of Premiere Pro CC