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    Fast Previewing is slow, how to fix?


      Can anyone help please! While I'm editing it takes a lot of time for stuff to render, for example in this video After Effects Tutorial - Basic Typography & Motion Graphics - YouTube he moves everything around so smoothly and you can see that he's moving it. For me I can't see the process of moving things I just see the 'square' around the text and when I realse the mouse it shows me what type of change I've made. I tried messing around with fast-preview options, using anything I could find to fix it, but haven't found the solution yet. I'm using the "Classic 3D' renderer just like he's. PLEASE HELP!

      NOTE: I was doing a typography animation and everything was just fine, but in the middle of it (idk maybe i pressed something wrong, i'm still kind of a noob) something went wrong and it all started lagging, making my work really hard,