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    I attempted to cancel my subscriptions but nothing worked... Now they renewed and I'm stuck with another year, but I am now a student and want a student plan.


      I've been subscribed to two single-app contracts for a year now, but when I tried to cancel them, my computer kept freezing up.

      The last time I tried, I thought it had worked, but I guess not. I got an email today saying my contracts have renewed for another year...

      But I'm a student now and I figured I could change to a student plan once I cancelled my plans... I don't even want two single-app subscriptions, I want just a student bundle or something.

      I'm not sure if it would be possible at this point to change my plan since my contracts renewed. But I already attempted to cancel them and now adobe is telling me I have to pay another year for the two apps.

      I'm really confused, because when I even signed up for these apps, I only had the option of doing a yearly contract, but apparently you can do a month to month plan! Why wasn't I given this option??

      Now I am stuck with another year of just having two apps...