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    Return to a movieclip


      I'm making a video game in Flash and I have two movieclips, a house and a forest.
      When I take all the objects in the house and I go to the forest, if I return to the house everything is like in the beginning. How can I make Flash remember how the house was before I left?


      For example: I grab one object and I go to the forest, if I come back to the house because I forgot another object, I need flash to remember that there's only one object left in the movieclip. Is there a way to do this?


      Thank you very much! 

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          You could set up a series of variables that manage each of those objects. Start with each variable set to true and use that value to show or hide each object in the movieClip. As you grab an object, set its variable's value to false. Then, when you return to that movieClip, hide each object whose variable's value is set to false.


          Another method might be to put the instance names of each of those objects into an array. As each object is grabbed, remove the object's instance name from the array. Use the array to populate the movieClip as you use that movieClip.