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    My MP4 video's dont playback sound in premiere 13


      I have a few issues with Adobe Premiere that have me very upset . 1. I had premier 11 had the same issue , so talked with your sales rep , he said the files would playback with sound if I upgraded ..so I dug deep threw down the coin ..and upgraded , problem is still there.  so I was lied too to make money. 2. Your organizer leaves a lot to be desired and should be set up a bit different to make it easier to download and not duplicate files ...or if you as I did download a file and it doesn't work correctly , you should be able to replace it with out deleting it and starting over ...  You should also be able to drag drop files between folders etc... I have one huge album with everything in it ..which is not what I was looking to do ... OK now to my main issue  where the blank is the freaking sound  to my video downloads ? I run windows 8 (which like adobe premier sucks ) light room = awesome program ...   my files are downloaded from my Verizon galaxy g2 phone as an mp4 file ...they play fine in light room (odd they will preview play there but not premier and premier is a video editing program ) work well in media player as well ... same as on video player with windows 8 ...but no freaking sound in premier 13 , this is frustrating ....it has no sound in the editor or in the organizer ....WHY ???? Is there a free program or way to convert them to a different codec or file type so I can edit them with the sound in premier???  I don't want to have to buy more programs to compensate for what should already be capable in premier 13 ... maybe I am missing something and the program is fine, and a good quality item  ..but I am not seeing it ...    would not have upgraded had I know there was no valuable  improvements from premier 11 , and that the audio would not work with my videos ... it also does not play with MP3 files from my older phone ....  sad and upsetting because my granddaughters birth , first birthday , Christmas etc are all recorded in these MP3 , MP4 files /format which does not produce sound in premier 13 ...so I have important once in a life time family memories recorded but cannot edit with sound....errrr

      Bill Butcher zwdb08wdb@gmail.com

      Lightroom is awesome .... not sure what gives with premier 13 , and again maybe its me ....missing something

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          This is not Adobe. Rather it is a user to user forum. You need to contact Adobe via its Adobe Chat if you require direct contact with Adobe. If you purchase Premiere Elements 13 from Adobe within the last 30 days, you should be able to get your money back.


          When you are interested in going to a new version for whatever reason, I would encourage you to evaluate the free 30 day tryout of the program before any thoughts of purchase to assure the compatibility of your program with your computer operating system and your project goals. This gives you the opportunity to trust claims but to verify before purchase.


          Premiere Elements 13 on Windows 8 (assumed 64 bit)


          Cell phone video is often recorded with a variable rather than a constant frame rate. Premiere Elements 13 is not unique in having problems with the variable frame rate. The problems can run from out of sync audio or not being able to import the file at all. A typical solution is to take the video into a program such as HandBrake to change the variable to a constant bitrate, obtaining a H.264.mp4 file.


          Movie Maker 2012 often is a good choice for converting problematic video to usable video in Premiere Elements. That program offers a .wmv as well as a .mp4 export choice.


          As for video from your older phone, you could take the .mp3 into iTunes and convert the .mp3 to .wav and determine if that resolves the issue.

          Are any iTunes music involved in any of this?


          I hesitate to ask because you seemed to have said that you worked with version 11 before, but I will ask nonetheless so as not to take anything for granted.

          Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements 13 (can you see QuickTime presets in the Publish+Share/Computer/QuickTime area? Are you running the program from a User Account with Administrative Privileges?  What players do you have installed on your computer?


          And, if MPEG2 is in the mix along with Windows Media Player, remember that Windows 8 and Microsoft have a MPEG2 issue there.


          My first target is assuring that you have video and audio presenting in the Premiere Elements 13 Editor. After that is established, then we can take on the Elements Organizer 13 issues.


          Please review and consider. If you decide to move forward with your projects, we can sort through the details to seek solutions. We would glad

          for the opportunity to be of assistance.



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            zwdb08wdb Level 1

            Thanks ATR

            What is truly a shame is companies like microsoft, adobe, etc...are aware of these issues since previous versions had the same issues, and one has to ask, WHY is this not fixef, WHY should i have to purchase/ or download free  another program to correct an issue that is and has been known?  And if an inif an inexpensive or free program can fix these issues one has to ask how is it a supposed respectable and large market share in this industry company like Adobe and microsoft dont work on implementing these fixes into their updated versions, instead of being allowed to ignor it , and just put some other product out to keep making the $$$ while not addressing or truly listen to users...cant believe americans put up with this...why not just use a cheap third party software and by pass Adobe all together....i have more issues with codec finally got sound to play on some but now when you save the files/ project you try to get them to open get codecs errors...i explain more latter have to run..

            again thanks for the help