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    Getting message about having LR5 already open SO I need to know how to get my pictures back-after export.




      I have been working on photo's and doing the export the laptop freezes up on me, so I have to shut down everything and re-open.  When I go to open LR5 back up I get an error message saying that there is LR already open and that I have to open a new folder - Since I have editing all (about 900 pictures) - is there a way of getting those back Instead of having to RE-DO all of them.  Which is what I am **** right now and it is VERY hard for me.


      I would Love to get a answer on how I can get the photo's back instead of having to re-do all of them again.  THIS has happening a few times to me now and I don't like it.


      I hope that this makes sense - I would just love an answer..