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    Actions and Triggers not working in Edge

    NeWeb Maker

      I'm using Edge Animate CC on Mac OS 10.9.5.  The Triggers and Actions windows appear different than in the tutorials, and when I make my selections the information is not retained.  When I reopen the window the code I inserted is no longer there.  When I import my OAM file into Muse the animation doesn't work.  What does "Pick a target" mean in the window?  And do I have to do that?  The only option available is "Stage."


      There are 3 images involved in my animation.  Should I be using the Triggers in the timeline, or the "Open Actions" brackets in the properties panel?

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Yes, your observations are correct, the Actions Panel is different than previous versions.


          To ensure that action is applied to the desired event handler (click, mouseover etc.) double click the 'Pick A Target' element in the last pane. See capture. It will then be added as code to the Actions Panel.




          Pick a target basically means you 'TARGET' the element, precisely, that will be the recipient of the action handler (Pick an Action). No guess work involved ,as it was in previous versions.




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            NeWeb Maker Level 1

            Thank you!  This did the trick.  The animation works when I click on the Muse preview, although I would like to have the object (a water drop that falls downward) appearing as a still object before mousing over or clicking.  As it is now I have an empty box, and the drop shows up when I mouse over and falls when I click.  Is there something in the actions panel I need to set differently?  Or change the timeline?