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    Check this out and give me a hint how to do it

      Check out this link , inside there is a flash gallery that I am interested in, and would like to know a few things


      Now when u have seen how it works, can u answer me these questions:
      1) How can I make this swf resizable... I tested and I saw that when it is 1024*768 resolution I see 5 pictures and all of it is on the screen (left and right) and when I switch to 1280x1024, it is still on full screen and I can see 7 pictures... how can I do this ?
      2) can someone explain to me how to make the speed button... I mean.. if u check out options u will see there is a little slider. When u slide it up the gallery slides to the left faster. I think this is not hard to do.. just some onEnterFrame or something but I am a bit nacked there so would be nice to see some coding and a little explaining.. not much but enough for me to bite it :)
      3) how did they make all these pictures change scale and aways to have focus on faces of people.. If u click on a picture u see it whole.. so the smaller sized one shows just a cut of it .. but the cut is not random.. and if u slide the gallery more and more u will see that there are more than 10 variations of how pictures are positioned to one another (cuz the gallery repeats).. it is impossible to be a very long slider with a code for random choosing what variation of slide to go from the end point of another variation if u understand what I mean... Any ideas how this could be done? If someone can explain me how to do it with 8 pics for example.. I can manage to do the rest on my own..

      I think I will send u flowers and candy if u help me out in this, I would really really wanna know how all this works.

      I will be very grateful for any help u could give me.

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          Well, there's no easy way to explain it. Here's a very general look at the functionality.

          1. They used onResize event:

          Stage.onResize event listener and used some additional functionality to determine size and load appropriate amount of pics.

          2. The speed slider was probably done with min and max amount of speed divided by the length of the speed slider. And based on the position of the slider it either adds or subtracts from the speed.

          3. The images are being resize dynamically in Flash and it probably is using a mask, so it doesn't show the full picture size. Upon having the images loaded into each dynamically generated moviclip, it's attaching a movieclip that has a button that's dynamically creating the link. I'm sure there's some type of algorithm that was created to show the variation in picture sizes.

          This is not an easy task. If you tackle each piece of functionality separately, you can tackle this project. Hope this helps a little.

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            Flamebg Level 1
            yep thank u mate.. my logic is pretty much the same.. but as u can see we can only guess how it is done..
            I was hoping someone who's really good with flash and all these details.. to be good and explain to us all amateurs :D
            Lets hope someone will give a hand in this.