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    Dropbox, conflicts, or SSD drive?


      I have Lightroom on two Macbook Pro's. Dropbox seems to work great, however, I ran into having a, 'conflict,' file. I have read that this only happens when you have two machines open up Lightroom at the same time. However, I did not do this. I never use both MacBooks at the same time. Nor do I ever keep Dropbox open all the time. I only open Dropbox after I'm done and before I start again.


      I keep the catalog in the DropBox folder which is on a super fast SSD drive. Both MacBooks have these SSD drives. I then put the photo's on a portable 1TB usb 3.0 drive. I back those photo's up to a much bigger drive at home.


      Now, another options I have, is I do have an external SSD drive as well. It is not as fast as the one's in the MacBook's because of it having to connect via USB 3.0. I have done speed test though and it is much faster than a standard hard drive. I could simply use that, so I can have my catalog on both computers at all times but I greatly prefer the DropBox way.


      Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Also, what do I do with the conflict catalog file? I have researched the internet and it seems I can't get a clear cut answer in layman's terms. Please do not answer me in a technical way. I simply want to know these two things:

      A: Is DropBox the way to go or an external SSD and what could have caused the conflict?


      B: What does the conflicted file contain that the original file doesn't? If the conflict file is newer should I use the conflict catalog instead of the original catalog?

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          Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have no idea about this "conflict file". However I do have two Macbook Pros as well and keep catalog and files on a portable Thunderbolt drive. One drive for both. The image files are rarely accessed by Lightroom unless you have auto write to xmp on so there really is no practical speed loss.

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            NicHamilton Level 3

            The only time I've seen a "conflict file" it's been due to synchronization failing with Dropbox (though not with Lightroom files in my case). 

            At  guess I'd say it was because Dropbox hadn't finished synchronizing before you shut it (or the computer) down or there was an internet connection drop-out.  I think this is also more likely if you don't just leave Dropbox running.


            The (occasional) problems I've had with Dropbox with other files is the main reason I've never given Dropbox a try with LR.