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    Every time I attempt to render video Premiere crashes


      I'm working on a pretty big project (for me at least) but when I was going to render a sample to send for feedback premiere simply refused and crashed.

      It kept doing this every time I attempted to render an output file including ANY of the video tracks but if I disable them all it renders the audio just fine.


      premie pro cc build 7




      This project is very light on video but includes a lot of images and motion/transition effects

      I had a similair problem last week on a project where I only used one video track and I was able to root out the issue as being a cross dissolve at the very beginning, why it's crashing now though is quite beyond me.

      Unlike the error that plagued me that last time around I am able to render video in alternative formats, at least avi works fine.

      FLV does not work


      Anyone able to help me out with this?