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    AE CS6 – MP2 anamorphic rendering format constraints


      Hi all,

      I've been using AE for a couple of years now, and only just had a problem I haven't been able to solve with the answers to previous questions in the forums.



      I'm creating some display ads in AE (CS6) for large screens (wrapped around totems) which use anamorphic formatting, and this seems to be causing issues with 2 of the videos when I come to render them.

      The spec I have been given is to render these out as MP2s, and in 2 different sizes, but when I do so, the Pixel Aspect Ratio alters due to the 'format constraints' as follows:

      [A] 720 x 540 px (4 x 3 ratio) original 2.00 PAR (anamorphic) renders to 720 x 540 px but with 1.66 PAR

      [B] 720 x 405 px (16 x 9 ratio) original 2.00 PAR (anamorphic) renders to 720 x 405 px but with 1.24 PAR


      My question:

      Is there any way to override the format constraints to have no change in PAR?

      Alternatively, any other way that I can export these (and then convert them to MP2 after) without altering the PAR or resizing?


      Thanks in advance for any help!