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    GTX 970, cannot get GPU accelerated rendering


      Hello All,


      I'll make this quick because I have to get to work very soon.


      System Specs:

      GeForce GTX 970

      AMD FX 9370 Eight Core

      32 GB RAM

      Windows 7 Enterprise (64 bit)



      Although I have not exhausted all of my resources yet, as I have had very little time to actually research the problem, I thought I would come here to ask why I cannot seem to get my GPU to be used in my final renders in AME (or my workspace in AFX for that matter)


      I thought that I found the right CUDA drivers but when I downloaded them it said something about an SDK and I was not sure if those were the right drivers to download for my means.


      I will be able to explain in more detail when I get off of work this evening but for now this is all of the info that I can provide.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.