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    Live Text Template - Very slow to update

    Rob Claisse Level 1

      Started using Live Text Templates which in theory seem really great but they are SOOOOO slow to update.


      So I create a simple 5 sec title with two text elements which simply fade in at the start and fade out at the end. The back ground is plain colored shape.

      • I put this in to premiere, open it in the source panel and update my two text elements
      • I put this title into an empty timeline - if I move the play head over the clips in the timeline it can take up to 60 seconds before the clip shows the correct text
      • I then change the text in the master clip (title).
      • Going back to the time line it takes about 1-2 minutes before I can view the changes in the timeline - either by just putting the playhead over the clip or actually playing the timeline. It will either show a black frame or the previous text.


      If the sequence contains other content then after changing text in the master clip the whole timeline will just show a black frame in the program panel for about 30-60 seconds then I can view this other content but have to wait a further 30-60 seconds before I see the updated title text.


      Its very slow and far from live. Anyone know if there is something I can change somewhere to speed this up? What is happening behind the scenes to allow Premiere to effectively render out this titles? If I actually render the title in the timeline it only take a few seconds so no reason it should take so long for Premiere to do it in the background.