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    Collapse Transformations or Not for vector based Comps?

    nikolaig Level 1

      I have a vector based graphics impotred as an Illustrator file of overlapping tree silhouetes, which I animate in a series of a few nested comps.

      First I import my vector based graphic and create Comp1 with slight movement from left to right. I check "Continuously Rasterize" and "Motion Blur" for all the layers.

      Secondly I import my Comp1 into Comp2 where I assign more complex movement, left to right, up and down, and zoom out with Camer and Null layers.

      My question is should I switch on "Collapse Transformations" in Comp2 layout for Comp1 or not? and should I keep on checking "Motion Blur" again for Comp1 in Comp2 as there is additional movement assigned to Comp1 within Comp2 layout.

      Eventually I bring my Comp2 into Comp3 where I am not sure if I should continue switching on "Continuously Rasterize" and "Motion Blur" for Comp2.

      Perhaps only the very last Comp made for final rendering has to have all the "Continuously Rasterize" and "Motion Blur" checked on and nested Comps automatically take its setting?

      I am not sure if every single comp within the comp has to have these settings?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Using CR only affects the child comp 1 level down. Otherwise it would be useless, since eventually people may actually want to rasterize elements in a pre-comp, while others need to pass through to the parent comp. It's a way to control render order, not just a blanket magic switch to keep vectors sharp or comps in 3D. If you want to retain CR throughout, you need to enable it at every level.



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            nikolaig Level 1

            Well, once I brint Comp1 into Comp2 "CR" becomes "Collapse Transformations", so what you are saying I will have to make sure that Collapse Transformations in enabled on every level throughout my project for all the comps which nest Comp1 where "CR" is checked on?
            In other words if I do not enable Collapse Transformations in the in the Comp2 for the Comp1 - then all the "CR" which were enabled withing the Comp1 becomes not enabled any more?