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    Setting chapter font in printed document

    Nom dAdobe
      When I create printed documentation, the font used for the chapter title is the same as the font used for the titles of the topics in that chapter. I'd like the chapter title to be in a larger font, but I can't find a way to set it. How do you set the font of the chapter titles in the printed documentation?

      I'm using RoboHTML 6.0.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          When RH generates the printed document it will apply Heading 1 to the chapters, nothing you can do about that.

          It will also apply headings in your topics as you have set them out so the topic title will also be Heading 1. You can clear the Maintain HTML level check box in which case all headings in the source will be bumped down 1. So Heading 1 in source will be Heading 2 in Word. Knowing that, you can adjust your styles accordingly.

          Take a look at the topic on Printed Documentation on my site.