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    several clickable elements created dynamically within different layers




      I am working on a small game where the user has to click on balloons. Therefore I have two different container divs where I create the balloons in with sym.createChildSymbol(). I need more than 1 container because the layout contains elements who overlap the balloons and whom I use with a parallax effect.


      The problem is now that I need to click on all balloons, but the balloons in the back layer are covered by the invisible area of the balloon container in the front. The other overlapping elements I deactivate by sym.$("element").css({"pointer-events" : "none"}); But this I can not do with the front balloon container as then I only can click on the balloons in the back layer.


      This is my first Edge Animate game, I'm switching over from Flash. There you don't have the invisible areas of a container/holder movieclip. Does anyone know how to archive similar behaviour? The container divs are simple rectangles with transparent background.


      Any help appreciated! Thank you.