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    Multilingual deployments


      I want to package the following applications so that they can be deployed to users in England,Ukraine, Spain, Finland. How do I make sure that the application uses the correct language for each country . Will the applications automatically detect the OS language and set itself to use that or will I need language packs?



      Adobe Acrobat Standard
      Adobe Creative Suite 3.3 Design Standard
      Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard
      Adobe Flash Player 11
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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I doubt that's possible unless you're an enterprise customer. CS3.3 is not being sold. CS6 and Acrobat Standard are being sold, but you'd have to purchase language-specific versions of each.


          I'm not familiar with the details, but if you're an enterprise customer, you should talk to your Adobe sales rep.


          If you're not an enterprise customer, get a Creative Cloud subscription instead and the users can pick both language versions and computer platforms as necessary.

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            carsington Level 1

            Thanks steve.


            I'm strugling to get a response from ADOBE sales.


            My customer already has Volume licences (they don't use cloud) for Illustrator and indesign , but they have separate English , German , spanish software source. How do we create one package which can be deployed via SCCM to all the different countries in a way that it will detect the OS language and set the adobe language to match. I now there is a mulitlingual version of Adobe Acrobat is there something similar for illustrator /indesign?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Don't know about other regions, but Adobe US is closed until next week...

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                Only CC versions can be installed in a multilingual way. If several languages are installed, most applications draw the language from the OS settings, in some (Photoshop, Bridge, Acrobat) it can be changed in the preferences.

                Until CS6 serial were bound to a specific language. There existed a Serial for multi lingual purposes, but I doubt that you will have success, as these versions are old and not supported anymore.

                I am also wondering why you would install CS3 and CS6 parallel? Makes no sense.