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    Beauty Box plug-in missing from project

    Charles M Level 1

      I have been using Digital Anarchy's Beauty Box plug-in on my home PC rig to edit a project.  I have been having huge compatibility issues between my video cards and the plug-in (frequent crashes and color shifting during render). 


      In desperation, I have copied my project to a portable hard drive. 


      At my day job, I have a Mac Pro running 10.8.5.  I have successfully transferred this project back and forth between the two computers in the past, so I figured it would not be an issue today.  I re-installed Beauty Box (the Mac was wiped clean since the last time I edited the project on this exact Mac), opened PPCC2014 and opened my project.


      Beauty Box is missing from all the clips, though it shows up in the PP effects tab as a plug-in I can use.


      Anybody have any idea what I am doing wrong here?

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          Charles M Level 1

          Here's some more detail for clarity - the plug-in is installed in the folders it needs to be in, PP reports it as loading during the splash screen.  But when I open the project, select a clip from the timeline and open the effects editor tab, the plug in does not appear as already on the clip, which it is on my home system.



          I have already tried the fixes found here:


          Features and Sequence Presets missing | Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

          Step one does not apply since there is no "deactivate" option under the menu as listed in the instructions.
          Step two did not solve the problem. 
          Step three: I am unwilling to uninstall and reinstall PP at this time.


          Additionally, Adobe states:



          When you open a project with references to missing effects, Premiere Pro does the following:

          • tells you which effects are missing
          • marks the effects as offline
          • performs any rendering without the effects


          This is not happening, either.  The effect is missing from the clips as soon as I open the project.




          I am becoming very frustrated with PP and am considering moving my project over to Avid to finish it.  I also report all my difficulties to the head of post where I work.  We have been on FCP7 but are preparing to change.  Based on these issues, I would recommend switching to Avid rather than PP.  Avid is more difficult and less functional, but in my experience it is less problematic than PP at this point.